Snow and Ice Management

Our snow and ice management service covers everything related to removing snow and ice to limit all risk to our clients and their customers. We are true snow and ice management professionals and we know everything there is to know about the day-to-day operations and work required to successfully service a property. We have the experience in all different areas from large commercial properties to residential communities. 

Services Include:


We know what it takes to handle New England winters. It begins with advanced planning and management control systems. Prior to the winter season, we visit each property and perform a pre-season inspection, photographing key areas, and beginning to lay the foundation for a snow response plan.

Every property has it’s own strategy, including required equipment, operators, sidewalk personnel, materials, and supervision. This allows all of our team members to arrive on site and know what needs to be accomplished.

We use a combination of equipment, from large loaders to pickup trucks with smaller plows, depending on the size of the property. Our seasoned operators and drivers are careful to place snow where it belongs, according to the pre-designed plow map, not on anything that will be unsafe or harm your business.


De-icing applications are made to melt snow or ice and to improve safety and accessibility. While a lot ofit.  We offer a variety of choices for materials, including:

• Magic Salt™
• Bulk & Bagged Salt
• Bulk Sand Salt Mix
• Calcium Chloride
• Magnesium Chloride
• Calcium Magnesium Acetate

All are safe, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly.


Depending on the site, we haul snow during every snow storm or after snow piles become excessive. Parking decks and garages have snow dump areas to drop snow from the deck to the ground below to reduce weight and still have plenty of room for parking.

We can haul snow either on site or off site using a combination of plows, pushers, loaders, and dump trucks.


We know how essential sidewalk maintenance is to a comprehensive maintenance program. We have dedicated sidewalk personnel who are specifically trained to clear sidewalks the safe and efficient way.  We have specialized equipment and machines for sidewalks including walk-behind spreaders and snow-caster shovels. We use highly-effective de-icing materials on sidewalks to make sure all snow is melted even in the coldest New England weather.

Risk Management

Managing the risk of snow requires 3 important phases:


  • Perform site inspections and risk assessments
  • Establish territories with managers for faster response times
  • Train our staff on site-specific requirements
  • Create site-specific maps for high snow storage locations
  • Track storms using weather forecasting technology

During Event

  • Focus on high priority areas for each specific property
  • Monitor weather conditions
  • Maintain communication with each driver, operator,  and manager
  • Communicate with customers as needed

Post Event

  • Keep records for each storm including weather data and event description
  • Report incidents to ensure they don’t happen again
  • Consult with customers to ensure customer satisfaction

Equipment List

  • (10) GMC 2500 HD Pick-up Trucks, w/9ft V plows and salt spreaders
  • (4) GMC One Ton Dump Trucks, w/9ft plows and salt spreaders
  • (2) Ford F650, w/10ft plows and salt spreaders
  • (2) Jeep Wranglers, w/6ft plows
  • (1) 2009 Dodge 2500 Pick-up, w/8ft plow and salt spreader
  • (1) 1997 GMC  2500, w/9ft plow and salt spreader
  • (10) Caterpillar Skid Steers, w/9ft Kage plows
  • (4) John Deere Backhoes, w/12ft snow pushers
  • (3) John Deere 3 YD Front End Loaders, w/16ft snow pusher
  • (4) Tri Axle Dump Trucks
  • (4) Trailer Dumps
  • (3) 50 Yard Snow Removal Containers
  • (1) Hooklift Truck
  • (2) Catepillar 950 Front End Loaders
  • (4) Catepillar 980 Front End Loaders
  • (1) Catepillar 906h2 Compact Loader, w/11ft Kage Plow